Update Sourcetree Password on OSX

Bryan Dugan1 min read

I use Bitbucket and Sourcetree for versioning my code. If you've reset your password in Bitbucket or another Git client, you'll get an error or a prompt for your password every single time you try to connect to a project.

In order to get Sourcetree to remember your password, you will have to delete your user profile, then re-connect to a repository. Below is a quick reference on how to get you back up and running.

1. Navigate to the Sourcetree Settings Folder

Start by Navigating to the following directory by right clicking Finder and clicking "Go to Folder..."

~/Library/Application Support/SourceTree

2. Delete the User's Profile

Find the account name in the list of files that you would like to reset the git password to. Once found, go ahead and delete that file.

Example: [email protected] would be the Bitbucket user's password I would like to reset, so I would delete that file.

3. Restart Sourcetree

The next time you connect to a repository that uses that user ID, you will be prompted for a password. Enter your password to re-connect to the repository.

Congrats! You have just updated your Sourcetree credentials, now get back to work!

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