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Restoring and taking care of a vinyl collection

· in Vinyl · 5 min read

Every once in a while, I like to write about something that isn't design, or development-related that I'm passionate about. If you didn't already know, I enjoy stepping away from the digital world and "going analog" any chance I can get. One of the many ways I do that, is I colle ...

Moving from Bitbucket to GitHub

· in Bitbucket · 2 min read

Now that GitHub has free private repositories, I have decided to transfer about 30 code repositories from Bitbucket over to GitHub. Moving from Bitbucket to GitHub is a bit of a time-consuming task. But once you get the first repository transferred, the process should become quic ...

Books I Love on Design, Development and Bettering yourself

· in Books · 4 min read

I enjoy reading a wide variety of books to better myself. Below is a list of books I love and keep a copy of on my bookshelf at all times to go back and reference. Design Books Refactoring UI If you're only to have one book on UI design, this is it. This digital-only book is an a ...


· in Gear · 3 min read

Hello! I'm Bryan Dugan, a UI designer and front-end web developer based out of Rochester Hills, Michigan. This is where I will keep my most up to date setup for anyone curious or just getting started in UI Design and/or Web Development and would like to see what tools other desig ...

RunCloud configuration for Craft CMS

· in Runcloud · 4 min read

If you're setting up a Craft CMS website on RunCloud, here is everything you need to get started. For this setup, I am using a Digital Ocean server with Ubuntu 18.04. Install packages/extensions Start by installing some required and optional packages to make the most out of your ...

Tips for staying productive working from home

· in Self Help · 5 min read

The ability to work from home is a trained skill that takes time to master just like anything else. If there's one good thing that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought upon us (if you always wanted to work remote), is that it forced everyone, small agencies, to the corporate environ ...