Website launch checklist

Website launch checklist

Bryan Dugan1 min read

While building a website, it's extremely easy to overlook small details. Here is the checklist that I personally use each time I launch a new website. Feel free to modify this list to your liking.

  1. Check site for errors / browser testing
  2. pa11y testing
  3. Check spelling, grammar, punctuation
  4. Test contact forms (try to create errors)
  5. Validate HTML 
  6. Find bad URLs with 
  7. Valid 404 page (not indexed)
  8. Form submission page (not indexed)
  9. Pages have unique page titles (Fewer than 70 chars, includes keywords)
  10. Pages have unique meta descriptions (Under 160 Chars, includes page keywords)
  11. robots.txt – is it set up to only index page content and ignore page scripts
  12. Social Media Integration – Are all profiles set up and ready to go
  13. Image Alt Tags
  14. Google Analytics

    1. Set Up Analytics Account
    2. Share with needed Google Accounts
    3. Create Google Maps Business Location
  15. FavIcon
  16. Click to Call / Addresses Linked to Google Maps
  17. Domains / Forwarding Domains / Email all set up
  18. Remove Placeholder Images / Test Images
  19. Check Image Sizes – Keep under 120 kb
  20. Use Progressive jpegs
  21. Test Site Speed


After Site Launch

  1. Google Search Console

    1. Set up www and non www versions
    2. Set Up Users
    3. Submit Sitemap

Download my Spaceray Creative Website Launch Checklist Example

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