Making WordPress more secure with WordFence

Making WordPress more secure with WordFence

Bryan Dugan3 min read

WordFence is a security manager that I use for all WordPress websites that I host. I mainly use it to protect websites against spambots trying to brute force into it. Here's the configuration to WordFence that I use for all the sites I work on.

The fastest way to configure WordFence is to go to All Options and then go through each configuration setting section. Once you get things set up to your liking, you can export the settings to quickly apply them to your other WordPress websites. Feel free to use this configuration as a starting point to make your website more secure.

For most of my needs, the free version of WordFence handles everything I need. So these options are geared towards the free plugin settings.

View Customization

Display "All Options" menu item
Display "Blocking" menu item
Display "Live Traffic" menu item

General WordFence Options

Update Wordfence automatically when a new version is released?
Where to email alerts? Enter Tech Admin Email Address
How does Wordfence get IPs Let Wordfence use the most secure method to get visitor IP addresses. Prevents spoofing and works with most sites. (Recommended)
Hide WordPress Version
Disable Code Execution for Uploads directory
Pause live updates when window loses focus
Update interval in seconds 2
Bypass the LiteSpeed "noabort" check
Delete Wordfence tables and data on deactivation

Dashboard Notification Options

Updates Needed (Plugin, Theme, or Core)
Scan Status

If you manage multiple WordPress installations, you may want to switch up your Email Alert preferences to avoid getting a bunch WordFence related Emails in your inbox. I only want to be alerted of critical issues with the site just in case the plugin is disabled.

Email Alert Preferences

Email me when Wordfence is automatically updated No
Email me if Wordfence is deactivated
Email me if the Wordfence Web Application Firewall is turned off
Alert me with scan results of this severity level or greater ✅ (Critical)
Alert when an IP address is blocked
Alert when someone is locked out from login
Alert when someone is blocked from logging in for using a password found in a breach
Alert when the "lost password" form is used for a valid user
Alert me when someone with administrator access signs in
Only alert me when that administrator signs in from a new device or location
Alert me when a non-admin user signs in
Only alert me when that user signs in from a new device or location
Alert me when there's a large increase in attacks detected on my site
Maximum email alerts to send per hour 1

Brute Force Protection

Enable brute force protection
Lock out after how many login failures 5
Lock out after how many forgot password attempts 5
Count failures over what time period 4 hours
Amount of time a user is locked out 2 months
Immediately lock out invalid usernames
Immediately block the IP of users who try to sign in as these usernames admin, [login], WEBSITE_NAME (replace WEBSITE_NAME) with your domain name)
Prevent the use of passwords leaked in data breaches For all users with "publish posts" capability

Additional Options

Enforce strong passwords Yes , Force admins and publishers to use strong passwords (recommended)
Don't let WordPress reveal valid users in login errors
Prevent users from registering 'admin' username if it doesn't exist
Prevent discovery of usernames through '/?author=N' scans, the oEmbed API, and the WordPress REST API
Block IPs who send POST requests with blank User-Agent and Referer
Custom text shown on block pages
Check password strength on profile update
Participate in the Real-Time Wordfence Security Network

Rate Limiting

Enable Rate Limiting and Advanced Blocking ON
How should we treat Google's crawlers Verified Google Crawlers will not be rate-limited
If anyone's requests exceed Unlimited throttle it
If a crawler's page views exceed Unlimited throttle it
If a crawler's pages not found (404s) exceed Unlimited throttle it
If a human's page views exceed Unlimited throttle it
If a human's pages not found (404s) exceed Unlimited throttle it
How long is an IP address blocked when it breaks a rule 5 minutes
Whitelisted 404 URLs /favicon.ico
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