Branding/Identity Questionnaire

Branding/Identity Questionnaire

Bryan Dugan2 min read

When doing a branding and identity project for a client, it's a good idea to gather an understanding of exactly what they are looking for in their brand and understand their overall goals. This also helps determine the scope of work and pricing. Use this questionnaire as a starting point for creating your own.

While building your questionnaire, it's a good idea to keep the questions to a minimum. I've also found that most clients feel much more comfortable circling answers and feed off any examples that are given.

Also, instead of handing out a worksheet, this questionnaire can be presented during a meeting and filled out together or over a conference call.

Client Name:


About the business

Describe the business/product.

What problem does the business solve for customers?

What sets the business apart from others? Why should people buy from you?

Who are your top three competitors? what do you like about their identity? what do you dislike?

Is there a unique story behind the business name or history?

About the customer

What is the primary message you wish to convey to the customer?

Do you have any market research about your ideal customer that you can share (Age range, interests, etc.)?

How do customers typically find your business?

About the identity

What is the purpose of the branding/rebrand project? Why now?

If you have a current brand/ identity what do you not like about it?

List three brands that you like. What do you like about them?

Using five words, describe your brand’s desired look and feel. e.g., strong, confident, elegant, techie, organic, upscale, crafty, playful, corporate

Are there any particular colors you would like to see in the logo?

Are there any particular fonts/lettering styles you would like to use?

Where will your logo primarily be used? e.g., web, billboards, print materials, vehicles, t-shirts

About the project

Do you need anything else along with your brand identity? e.g., business cards, stationery, brochures, website, a brand guide for print shops

Are there any existing materials that need to be updated with the new identity?

When do you need the project completed?

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